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Welcome to the Cakes and Puppets



Daniel Schenk
tel.: +420 776572685


Cakes and Puppets

Švandovo divadlo

Štefánikova 57

150 00 Praha 5

Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 234 651 249


Buchty a loutky /Cakes and Puppets/ – an independent alternative puppet theatre company, performing for replica handbags children as well as adults. The company was established in 1991 by graduates of the puppet department of the DAMU academy in Prague. Since that time, the company has more than 19 production titles for children and more than 19 premieres for adults in their repertoire. They also have many non-traditional theatre projects, specific creative activities and films. In their own create unique theatre poetics; classic titles and their own original script work with an overview, a rolex replica non-interchangeable sense of humour, and a personal emphasis for the creative elements of the production (a combination of old toys, rusted iron as well as the most recent technology); the productions most often contain original music that has been composed specifically for the production, and most productions contain live musical accompaniment.ASME B31.3 Discount Hermes Handbags ASME CODE

The permanent core of the company is made up of 6 members and 3-8 actors perform in the productions.

Since its origin, Buchty a loutky have replica rolex stirred the waters of the Czech puppet theatre. Its productions today have become cult theatre classics, indicating that the company belongs among the best theatre companies not only in the Czech Republic, as well as abroad. This can be proven by its invitation and success during international festivals such as:

EU-TAC, Japan
CAOS/Calgary, Canada
EITC 2006, Mexico
Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan
Festival in Silkeborg, Denmark
Keller69 Theatre/Zurich, Switzerland
Dsungel Wien, Austria
Kunst Haus Horn Fest, AustriaASME B31.3

Figurenthetrefestival, Munich
Hohensteiner Puppenspielfest
PUCK, Halle
rolex replica festival, Magdeburg
Unidram, Postdam
Fairytale congress, Erlangen
Socitaetstheatre, Dresden
Lutke, Miniteater /Lubljiana, Slovenia
PIF/Zagreb, Croatia
Bialystok, Bialsko-Biala, Poland
Sziget/Budapest, Hungary
Divadelná Nitra, Slovakia
Babkarska Bystrica, Slovakia

Czech Republic:
Skupa´s Plzeň
Mateřinka Liberec

Theatre of European Regions Hradec Králové

Supported by the City of Prague and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

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